Industrial Telephones


Industrial Telephones are designed to work in most difficult conditions: large amounts of dust, moisture, fumes, oils and lubricants, extreme temperatures, strong electromagnetic fields, noise ...

With solutions that are applied and additional equipment was secured long-reliable operation in the toughest industrial conditions.

A special group of industrial phone is used in areas with flammable gases. All products have certificates of operation in Ex areas.

Funke is a German manufacturer of industrial phone quality and number of units sold is on the implementation in the world.

The biggest industrial perimenu phones have in the industry (refineries, petrochemical plants, gas plants, oil and gas, steelworks, foundries, power plants, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ...) and many other places where it's extreme conditions, such as the eg mountain ski centers, distant and remote locations without electricity supply.


Power plant "Đerdap II"

Installing industrail telephone

Industrial telephones from past


Industrial telephone of centry
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